When faced with needing to uncover wasted steps in processes and developing LEANer ways of working, or planning a healthcare facility that aims to satisfy a list of objectives for a wide group of stakeholders, or developing a strategy and long-range vision for your facilities, there is a lot on the line. Healthcare Leaders need a partner that understands the issues, and has distinct experience tackling the challenges that typically face healthcare organizations in a rapidly changing environment.

Sterling Planning Alliance provides these solutions.

We are an experienced team of strategic thinkers who guide our clients down the right path, buttressed by diverse international experience against which we benchmark best practices and applications. The close collaboration of our planning specialists, supported by a network of industry associates, ensures expert guidance throughout the strategic clinical planning phase of your project. 

Our talented practitioners understand data and how to translate it into physical forms in a way that exposes inefficiencies and provides sound and practical outcomes. Each member of Sterling’s healthcare planning team has a diverse educational and experiential background that informs responses to unique planning issues. Because of these attributes, Sterling is the clear choice in clinical healthcare planning.