Sterling Key Strategic Services

Sterling helps clients define their key services, market activity and overall objectives. Within the context of these goals, we validate the organization's future projections, patient care volumes, and ancillary/clinical activity. Defining the scope of each service guides development and planning strategies.

The Sterling team has developed effective planning and management tools to assess performance, advance clinical, facility and financial strategies, and manage the planning process with added insight.

clinical service planning

The healthcare marketplace is a dynamic, fluid market.  Periodic review of clinical services provided and assessment of demand and growth potential is a key element of the strategic planning process for any healthcare organization.  Sterling can help with this process on both a system-wide level and a more locally focused level.  We can assist in identifying growing and contracting service lines, projecting future demand, and translating the demand projections into requirements for space, technologies, and capital investments.

LEAN operations

Whether building a car or providing healthcare for patients, workers must rely upon multiple, complex processes to accomplish tasks that provide value to the end user. Waste, whether money, time, supplies, or goodwill, decreases value. The core principles of LEAN Operations involve determining the value of any given process by distinguishing activities that provide value from those that do not. Eliminating those that don’t contribute ultimately ensures every activity undertaken provides value to the process at hand. 

Using quantitative tools, qualitative methods, and Lean operations analysis, Sterling works with clients to evaluate services and operations, while identifying opportunities for improved efficiency. Based on the findings, Sterling will explore a variety of planning options in order to recommend the most fitting solution.

functional facility planning and programming

The Functional Facility Planning and Programming effort guides project-specific requirements, documenting the functional and operational criteria for each department and service in a facility. This documentation identifies the functional description, operational concepts, staffing requirements, room-specific issues, and departmental adjacencies needed to plan for a fully operational and efficient healthcare service.  Sterling can provide functional planning and programming services for individual departments, entire hospitals, as well as for multi-hospital systems.

data analysis

Our proprietary and successful data analysis tools offer a clear picture of each situation we evaluate. With input factors that include everything from peak patient hours to operating room turnover time, the result is an unmatched, highly detailed analysis of how well a practice or healthcare system is performing. Sterling uses this data to inform planning options that make the most sense for each client’s facility, based on previous usage and predicted future needs.

master planning

A Master Plan is a guide for decision making.   Whether it is a master plan for a single building, an entire campus, or a larger community development, it: defines the best and highest use for available land and building resources; recommends the most appropriate zoning of activities; identifies capital improvements needed to meet strategic goals.  In partnership with appropriate specialty consultants, we can provide a full range of services to support your master plan needs, including, but not limited to existing conditions and infrastructure assessments, site, civil, and traffic analyses. 

Sterling’s master planning efforts begin with establishing guiding principles and developing long- and short-term goals by studying patient population, workload volumes, and existing infrastructure. After brainstorming several concepts and strategies, Sterling works with our clients to develop a comprehensive master plan that is easy to implement, sensitive to future opportunities, and flexible for interdepartmental ease.

conceptual design

Evolving models of care focus on creating a holistic patient experience, which entails tending to the whole person as well as the illness. Sterling professionals draw upon their extensive experience and backgrounds in healthcare design and planning to strengthen and support the architectural and engineering team in creating thoughtful design solutions that allow healthcare providers to deliver high standards of care while ensuring patient comfort.

3D modeling

Sterling provides a wide variety of cutting-edge 3D modeling services for different healthcare applications. Since it is not always easy for care providers to visualize two-dimensional campus plans and technical drawings, Sterling’s experienced team of 3D modelers can produce graphics of the proposed built environment that help clients comprehend their specialized vision.

healthcare planning consulting

Sterling also has a long and successful history of providing critical healthcare planning consulting services to other professional services firms, architects, and Public Private Partnership (PPP - Canada) and Private Finance Initiative (PFI - UK) consortia groups.  We can tailor our services to meets the specific project needs of your clients and complement the services of your firms.  

Sterling’s healthcare planning team possesses a diverse set of skills. Ranging from former hospital operators to top data analysts to healthcare architects, the depth of these varied backgrounds enables the Sterling team to best understand and plan for each client’s individual needs. In addition, these complimentary skills provide informed assistance to the design team charged with planning environments that enhance patient care. Several of our senior leaders began their careers in a healthcare setting and can effectively understand the mindsets of care providers, patients, visitors and administrators. This experience is critical in order to help translate a client’s vision into a physical environment that is both nurturing and functional.