the Sterling approach the Sterling difference

Sterling Planning Alliance is a healthcare consulting firm offering specialized expertise ranging from strategic planning, operational expertise from an owner’s perspective, facilities planning, hospital master planning, and process improvement  to help improve the way you deliver healthcare—now—and for the future. 

An important part of what we do is to listen to your goals, needs, and constraints and provide you with proactive results. Our approach is customized for each situation so that our process and solutions respond to each organization’s specific needs.

Woven into the fabric of every one of our projects is a dedication to putting the patient first—and promote healing.

Sterling process

Our planning approach is rooted in collaboration. You are the most important part of the combined team. To help you meet or exceed your goals, we include you in every step of the process, making your team a part of our team. Our experts work with your executive leaders and internal user groups in an inclusive way. We help you analyze what’s working – and what’s not. Then we come back to your top objectives – and get you moving towards the smartest, most cost-effective solution.

the Sterling team

Our team is comprised of some of the industry’s top experts in data analysis, master planning, healthcare facilities and operations, healthcare design, and urban planning. Whether it’s a community hospital project or an entire healthcare system in the US, Canada, the UK, or some other part of the world, our approach to planning is comprehensive and always focused on improving your heathcare delivery methods, your operational needs and financial objectives.

data driven

We’ve developed our unmatched, highly-praised, proprietary data analysis tools – into one of the hallmarks of Sterling service. These measurements are always customized to your organization or facility’s specific case. We don’t just look at the financials. Instead, we zero in on operational realities including patient volume, peak provider hours, visit and turnover time, and much more. The result is a true picture of how well your practice or healthcare system is performing, with visual aids to help you see how you can be working more efficiently.

a LEAN look

The LEAN process helps us define the most efficient, least wasteful way to have your physical space support the operational flow of an organization. From the start, we will help educate you about LEAN planning and facilitate LEAN workshops. We will illustrate concepts to ensure your group understands the LEAN objectives and criteria for making decisions using Gemba walks, spaghetti diagrams, mock-ups, and plan cut-outs along with sketches and photographs. In short, LEAN helps us provide a common language to describe your current state. We then move towards a solution based on the criteria and goals set by you.

best practices make perfect projects

Using our LEAN approach, we will work with you to determine the appropriate programmatic requirements tailored to your specific needs. Sterling prides itself on staying on the pulse of not only healthcare industry standards and trends, but also future trends and anticipated regulatory requirements.

collaboration at the core

Using LEAN principles and evidence-informed research and designs, we take your earliest ideas for a more streamlined, cost-effective, and satisfying place of care and turn them into reality.

Our process is always one of discovery, inclusion, exploration, and consensus building. We believe having all stakeholders involved throughout the planning journey always leads to the best, well-informed solution.