Oxford John Radcliffe Hospital

What do we really need? How can we be more efficient and cost-effective? What is possible? These are the three key questions most commonly asked us by our clients. How we help them answer those questions necessitates the use of a wide variety of Sterling Tools and experience of our consultant team. These questions are at the heart of every engagement.


What do we really need?

The John Radcliffe Hospital (JRH) is one of four hospitals in the larger Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. The Trust has been considering the future of Surgical Services across the four hospitals.  Currently there are 48 operating theatres distributed in three locations on the JRH campus and in one location at each of the other three hospital campuses.  Our charge by the Trust, was to help them determine: if the theatres on the JRH campus could be consolidated, and, how many theatres were actually needed at JRH.  Putting our considerable, proprietary, SterlingPlan™ demand and capacity analysis tools to the test analysing over 600 pages and several thousand line items of actual data on surgical procedures at JHR, we determined the main operating theatres needed to be increased by two, thereby necessitating a new addition to the hospital and relocation of the main theatres.

How can we be more efficient and cost-effective?

Though the tendency by most surgeons is to gravitate to ‘specialised’ theatres, we were able to demonstrate how large, flexible use operating theatres could work to great advantage.  The Sterling team was also able to introduce JRH surgeons and other clinical staff to a number of proven Best Practices which could be tailored to their own best advantage at JRH.

01_SPA_CaseStudies_Oxford.jpg Aerial view of John Radcliffe Hospital Campus
02_SPA_CaseStudies_Oxford.jpg Master plan for Surgical Services – Level 1
  • 03_SPA_CaseStudies_Oxford_edit.jpg Master plan for Critical Care Services – Level 2
  • 04_SPA_CaseStudies_Oxford_edit.jpg Sample of data analysis
  • 05_SPA_CaseStudies_Oxford_edit.jpg Circulation Diagram, Level 1

What is possible?

Capitalising on our considerable experience in creating campus master plans, we were able to quickly assess the development opportunities on the JRH campus and to determine the most advantageous development site which could accommodate a new Surgical suite, new sterile processing centre, and a new ICU.  Additionally, we were able to recommend ways in which major circulation paths for patients, visitors, staff, and support services could be effectively segregated.