research partners

We’re proud to work alongside some of the top, forward-thinking minds in the health care planning business. They include our colleagues at The Advisory Board Company, known by hospitals and doctors worldwide as one of the original and best health care think tanks.

The following partners keep Sterling’s plans on the pulse of the latest data, tools, practices, and future trends in health care environments, adding another layer of value to clients who choose Sterling. 

The Advisory Board Company

A global research, technology, and consulting firm, The Advisory Board Company has more than 3,600 hospitals and health care organizations as its members.

Sterling is honored to have a seat at the table, as a charter member of The Health Care Advisory Board’s Facility Planning Forum.

The Advisory Board Company also delivers Sterling instant access to the most up-to-date information and trends from health care’s front lines, accurately informing our planning engagements. And whether it’s a look at the future of orthopedics or emerging practices in cardiac care, having the Health Care Advisory Board and its considerable resources as a partner ensures Sterling plans will stand the test of time. 

Facility Guidelines Institute

For every Sterling project in the U.S., we refer to the Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities. The guidelines were first developed by the non-profit Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI), to provide functional continuity in health care environments, while also advancing standards for care in those settings. 

Today’s guidelines continue to be revised and improved upon. Sterling’s President and CEO Kurt Rockstroh is a committed leader in the effort, serving as president of FGI’s Board of Directors and as vice chairman of the 2014 Health Guidelines Revision Committee. 

The Center for Health Design

At Sterling, we are health care operators, medical planners, and designers. We look for the best ways to improve your process – and your health care environment. Keeping us laser focused on that last part is The Center for Health Design (CHD).

Made up of professionals worldwide who share the Sterling passion for evidence-based design, the CHD describes its mission as one of advancing a singular idea: “that design (can) be used to improve patient outcomes in health care environments.” 

The Center for Health Systems & Design, Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University's Center for Health Systems & Design is molding the next generation of leaders in health care planning and architecture. 

In promoting education, research, and innovation, The Center for Health Systems and Design elevates and validates the work we do at Sterling. Through the years, we’ve called upon the intelligence of university’s faculty, affiliated professionals, and studies for assistance on a number of different projects. We’re also proud to have supported the center by employing interns and residents under the tutelage of its programs.